Schoolhouse Rock vol. 18

Here are some random ridiculous moments of the week.

I was reading about the this snake to the kids.  “The Grass Snake’s favorite foods include frogs, fish, salamanders and kindergartners.”  Several children jumped and screamed.  One fell out of her chair.  They told me I was NOT funny.  I think I am hilarious.  And am still laughing.

Schoolhouse Rock vol. 17

This week I’m dog sitting at my parents’ house. Just a few minutes ago, I was taking my dinner out of the oven and then couldn’t be bothered to grab an oven mitt to tip the tray for easy pouring onto my plate. So I just used the cuff of my mom’s sweatshirt that I decided to borrow (thanks mom!)

Anyways, using things for something other than their intended purpose reminded me that today as I was walking the students to the bus, one girl, who’s hand I hold on the way out every day, she tells me she needs a kleenex. However, we don’t have time to go back in and get one, and I tell her as much. She looks and me and looks at my hand that she is holding and says, “Maybe I should just use your hand instead.”

UM – no. Sick. (literally).

(thankfully she just laughed instead of moving forward with her diabolical plan)

Annie and Dr. Seuss

So, I don’t really have much to say to you today, but I wanted to share two things.

Thing Number One: Yesterday at Sunday school I shared about my trip to Uganda, and I asked if anyone knew what an orphanage was. One kid raised his hand and said, “Yeah, like in Annie!” and from that point on, everything I said was compared directly to Annie. It was both ridiculous and awesome.

Thing Number Two: one blog I really enjoy is 22 Words
As a teacher, and being that it is still Dr. Seuss’ birthday month, I feel it is my duty to share this cute posting from 22 Words. Enjoy!


Schoolhouse Rock vol. 16

Awesome Conversation #1

“Miss K, I’m a leprechaun!”

“Oh, wow!”

“Yeah, but I’m a different kind of leprechaun, because my hair doesn’t turn red and I don’t have a pot of gold.”

“What is the closest you have ever been to a rainbow?”

“Not very.”

“How long have you been a leprechaun?”

“A long time.”

“How did you become a leprechaun?”

“Well, my grandma is a leprechaun and my dad’s grandma was a leprechaun, and my dad is a leprechaun.”

“So you are saying you are Irish?”

“Yep!  AND on St. Patricks Day my ears turned pointy!”

Awesome Conversation #2

“Hey Miss K, did you know that when you are a brother from another mother, one of the mothers is an alien!?”

Awesome Conversation #3

Student 1: “Miss K, I love you.”

Teacher: “love you too.”

Student 1: “I love you more.  I love you 355.”

Student 2: “I think that is too much love for one year.”

Happy Friday, folks!

love, me and my alien leprechaun students.

Schoolhouse Rock vol. 14

Subtitled: Koo Koo Kanga Roo or the best day of a kindergartner’s life.

This week was an exciting week in kindergarten.  All of the kids’ dreams came true as their favorite youtube musicians came to perform live and in person. 

Koo Koo Kanga Roo, who’s dance along videos provide us great exercise and movement breaks during the day, put on a show in our gym for the kindergartners.  It was epic.

One child asked, “Is this real life???”

Basically we had a 45 minute dance party, including a 200 person hokey pokey, and all of those kids under one giant parachute.  Later I said, “Wow, I was surprised that you could all fit under the parachute!” and one child responded, “Yeah, but some of us fell down.”  (Ok, I guess it didn’t go as smoothly as we thought). 

Whenever they started a song that the students recognized from dancing to in class, they got really excited and were shocked that the same music was being played in the gym as on my computer.  Yes kids, these are real people.  Not just people that life inside my laptop (or lap-talk as one kid still calls it).

I have some hilarious pictures of the children dancing.  Sorry I can’t share them with you.  You only get to see the photos that the kids are cropped out of.    I would recommend them to a friend.  Maybe for your next birthday party.  Because this fake kids band performs the same music at their shows for adults.  Ridiculous?  Yes.  Awesome?  Yes.  Inspiration to the next generation?  Yes.  (or at least they inspired this kid’s drawing.  I hope he shows up in gold tennis shoes and baseball cap tomorrow!) 

And they inspired this excited comment on the way to lunch, “Miss K!  I thought they weren’t going to be weird, but they were!”  hahahaha  (I responded, “yeah, maybe you could call them unique instead”)

Sister Spa Day!

As you may or may not know, Rachel surprised me on Friday with a delicious brunch downtown and then a day at a fancy spa (the spa is cousin’s with The Westin, my favorite hotel chain.  She knows me well) where we pretended to be fancy ladies of leisure.

I don’t have any pictures of the event, but don’t worry, I DO have pictures of a similar completely different spa-like experience that we had four years ago outside of Tokyo.  I will do a little compare and contrast with you.  It will be like we are making a venn diagram with our words. (this sounds exciting!)

That spa was called 

This spa was at the Ivy Hotel.


At both spas we got bathrobes to wear.  Although, they looked a little different. 


At that spa we bathed in red wine 

At this spa we showered at the end with fancy bath products.


At that spa we met Kung Fu Panda. 

At this spa we met a hilarious couple of guys who were getting pedicures before heading up to the cabin for the weekend.


At that spa we had Doctor Fish eat away all the dead skin off our feet.

Yes, I realize my sister isn't actually in this photo. This is in Okinawa with the other missionaries at OCSI. A few weeks later I introduced Rachel to Dr. Fish.

At this spa we got pedicures.


At that spa we bathed in green tea. 

At this spa we had the opportunity to drink green tea or any other kind of tea you could imagine.


At that spa we bathed in coffee 

At this spa we got facials.


At that spa we swam in Rose Water. 

At this spa we got manicures.


At that spa we stood under tiny waterfalls. 

At this spa we got massages.

So in summary, I guess I’d say our experiences were more different than similar.  Huh.

Was it amazing?

Do you even have to ask?

Thanks Rachel!  You are so thoughtful and generous and basically just the best ever.  I’m so glad that you survived February and I finished grad school.  And I’m so glad you are my sister!

(even if I do push you out of pictures we take together) 

A Stellar Spring Break

“Miss K, I have a secret!”

whispers in my ear: “It is spring!”

I thought about telling him in response that I had a secret too: technically it isn’t spring yet.  But between this amazing weather in Minnesota and the fact that we just got back to school from something called Spring Break I could see where the confusion came from.

Speaking of spring break, it was great!  Thanks for asking.

Here are some highlights:

  • cleaning my room
  • doing my taxes
  • re-reading the Hunger Games
  • seeing The Vow.  Although I was disappointed in myself for my lack of tears.  Are you made of stone, Laura??
  • going to the zoo.  (A special thanks to Rachel and 3M for bringing penguins to the zoo.  I can only assume that since she works for 3M, she played a big role in that exhibit.)  (I’d also like to ask why anyone would name a Tiger who doesn’t have a tail, Whirl.  We decided that was just kind of mean.  Brooke suggested Nubby as a better name.  I think it is absolutely more fitting.)  (Also, did they get rid of the wolves after they got out last year?  I have heard conflicting rumors on this topic)
  • walking around the lake

    a frozen lake on an 80 degree day? so confusing! but i will take it.

  • getting FroYo
  • sitting out in the sunshine looking at magazines
  • playing with blocks with an awesome four year old
  • friends
  • chuck e cheese (yes, the kindergartners were all jealous)
  • sister day (I have been receiving threatening emails because I have not updated you on what we did.  Update coming soon, I promise.  Like maybe tomorrow.  (threatening might be a bit of an exaggeration)).
  • shopping with my mom
  • getting a super generous graduation gift from my parents (I didn’t know there were gifts involved in finishing grad school.  Now that I realize this, I am contemplating going back for more degrees!)
  • that is a lie.  Even sweet gifts couldn’t convince me to go back for more.
  • David and Lindsey’s wedding
  • Lindsey and David’s wedding
  • (being at a good friend’s wedding is totally worth two bullet points.  Even if it is just one event) 
  • Jill’s baby shower
  • sleeping in
  • relaxing
  • Sunshine.  How did I not mention sunshine until the end of the list?!  I seriously cannot believe how nice the weather has been.  I would say there is a definitely possibility I got more than one freckle this week.

Wow, looking at that list, I’m surprised I found the will to go back to work today!  Those children are so lucky.

Add this to the list.

I am excited for today.  I mean you would be too if you received this invite to fun


I don’t know what we are doing, but based on the instructions, it can only be good things.

Feel free to add this to the list of reasons you wish my sister was your sister too.  Just know you can’t have her.  Unless you already married into the family.  Then I will share.

Happy Friday!

the awkward introduction

Sometimes in life you meet new people.  Sometimes these new people are lingerers, and the conversation continues even after you think it should end.  You ask the obligatory questions: their name, their occupation, their high school gpa, and then the awkward silence begins…

If you have ever been in this situation, which I’m guessing you have, you know it is important to have a few tricks up your sleeve.  I’ve got a few to suggest:

  1. You could have actual tricks up your sleeve.  I know a second grader who’d love to inspire you with some card tricks.  If you pull a bunny out of a hat, you are sure to have the awkward silence filled with oohs and ahhs.
  2. Be prepared with a funny anecdote about yourself.  This is usually my go-to.  Just tell an embarrassing story or awkward tale.  You may scare off potential new friends, but at least you’ll have entertained them until you can make your escape.
  3. Just start dancing.  Maybe they will join you.  If not, they will probably walk away.  Problem solved.
  4. Talk about the weather or the movies.  If you are especially talented like me, you can combine them with tip #2.  “With all the thawing and freezing this winter, sidewalks were pretty slippery.  Let me tell you about the time I faceplanted on a busy sidewalk because of the ice.”  or “Hey, did you see the new mission impossible movie?  No?  Don’t worry.  It might be called Ghost Protocol, but it definitely isn’t about ghosts.  You don’t have to worry about nightmares.”  (no, those are not just hypothetical examples)
  5. Begin coughing incessantly.
  6. Reach out and hold their hand.
  7. Have some questions ready.  I would prepare at least 102.  No less than that – you don’t know how much time you will need to fill.  If your mind is not like a steel trap, you could always write them on notecards and pull the stack out of your purse when the time is right.  I suggest the neon ones.

Most importantly, don’t despair when meeting new people.

despair. don't do it.

It is fun to make new friends (or acquaintances).  If your charming personality doesn’t shine through on its own, it definitely will if you take advantage of this generously offered advice.  You are welcome.