Schoolhouse Rock vol. 11

The question: What are some emotions you feel, and when do you feel that way?

We discussed happy, sad, mad, scared, nervous, and brave.

One child wanted to talk about feeling creepy.  Yes kids, let’s talk about when we feel like creepsters – knowing too much from facebook stalking?  peering in windows?  driving a shady van and offering kids candy?  I don’t think that is actually what you want to talk about.

Some favorite answers:

  • I feel happy when I come to school
  • I felt nervous on the first day of coming here
  • I feel sad when someone takes my toy
  • I feel mad when someone goes home and I have to stay and clean up
  • I feel scared when vampires eat my brain
  • I feel brave because I know that God is always by my side
  • I feel brave when I save someone (has this happened often?)
  • I feel mad when people won’t stop crying (you might think that was my answer after last week in kindergarten…)
  • I feel happy when I share
  • I feel happy when I help someone

How are you feeling today?  I’m feeling excited because the countdown to spring break is officially started (4 more days!)