A Day at the Orphanage (potentially)

I just thought I’d share a typical M-F daily schedule for the orphanage I will be at this summer. 

7am Assist children with getting ready for school

7:30-8am Breakfast

9am School – younger children stay home & do classwork

 12:30pm Prepare lunch

 1:30pm Lunch time

 2pm Nap time for kids – rest time for students & staff

 5pm Play time with children or assist with preparing dinner

 7pm Dinner Time

 8pm Devotional Time for children

 9pm Bed time for children

 9:30pm Devotional time for students & staff

I’m definitely praying for what specifically God would have me do this summer with these precious children.  It is really up to me to take the initiative.  Some ideas I’m excited about are to do pre-school lessons with the kiddos who don’t go to school yet.  I’d love to come up with some fun Bible themes to teach about Jesus and Bible verses and also incorporate letters, shapes, colors, numbers, etc into it… similar to what I did at the child development centers that Bethel runs.  If I’m able to raise more support than what the orphanage requires, I’d love love love to bring fun supplies with to teach with when I’m there and then leave behind for the kids.

I will also have opportunities to cook, clean, take care of sick kids, play with the kids, and help with the weekly grocery shopping at the market.  Each week, I can take a day to go into Kampala and see how God is working in the city and volunteer and serve with other organizations.  Because I can’t go for too long without a Beth Moore fix, maybe I’ll even bring her along  😉

So there you have it: the daily schedule and basically a lot of question marks for what specifically I’ll be doing in Uganda 🙂

*Photo credits Rafiki Africa Ministries