Schoolhouse Rock vol. 16

Awesome Conversation #1

“Miss K, I’m a leprechaun!”

“Oh, wow!”

“Yeah, but I’m a different kind of leprechaun, because my hair doesn’t turn red and I don’t have a pot of gold.”

“What is the closest you have ever been to a rainbow?”

“Not very.”

“How long have you been a leprechaun?”

“A long time.”

“How did you become a leprechaun?”

“Well, my grandma is a leprechaun and my dad’s grandma was a leprechaun, and my dad is a leprechaun.”

“So you are saying you are Irish?”

“Yep!  AND on St. Patricks Day my ears turned pointy!”

Awesome Conversation #2

“Hey Miss K, did you know that when you are a brother from another mother, one of the mothers is an alien!?”

Awesome Conversation #3

Student 1: “Miss K, I love you.”

Teacher: “love you too.”

Student 1: “I love you more.  I love you 355.”

Student 2: “I think that is too much love for one year.”

Happy Friday, folks!

love, me and my alien leprechaun students.