Schoolhouse Rock vol. 13

Here is a favorite conversation from yesterday.

The scene: we are sitting out in the hallway together.  She is done screaming and crying and we are debriefing about what happened.  Then out of the blue she says…

Student: When I grow up I won’t know you anymore.

Me: Well, you can come back and visit!  I’d love to see you when you are in high school and when you graduate from high school.  And then do you think you’ll go to college?

Student: Yes

Me: Awesome.  What do you think you might want to be when you grow up?

Student: (answers confidently with no hesitation) A princess.

Me: That sounds like a fun idea.  What does a princess do all day?

Student: Listens and be good.

Me:  Hmmm.  that sounds an awful lot like a kindergartner!