A Stellar Spring Break

“Miss K, I have a secret!”

whispers in my ear: “It is spring!”

I thought about telling him in response that I had a secret too: technically it isn’t spring yet.  But between this amazing weather in Minnesota and the fact that we just got back to school from something called Spring Break I could see where the confusion came from.

Speaking of spring break, it was great!  Thanks for asking.

Here are some highlights:

  • cleaning my room
  • doing my taxes
  • re-reading the Hunger Games
  • seeing The Vow.  Although I was disappointed in myself for my lack of tears.  Are you made of stone, Laura??
  • going to the zoo.  (A special thanks to Rachel and 3M for bringing penguins to the zoo.  I can only assume that since she works for 3M, she played a big role in that exhibit.)  (I’d also like to ask why anyone would name a Tiger who doesn’t have a tail, Whirl.  We decided that was just kind of mean.  Brooke suggested Nubby as a better name.  I think it is absolutely more fitting.)  (Also, did they get rid of the wolves after they got out last year?  I have heard conflicting rumors on this topic)
  • walking around the lake

    a frozen lake on an 80 degree day? so confusing! but i will take it.

  • getting FroYo
  • sitting out in the sunshine looking at magazines
  • playing with blocks with an awesome four year old
  • friends
  • chuck e cheese (yes, the kindergartners were all jealous)
  • sister day (I have been receiving threatening emails because I have not updated you on what we did.  Update coming soon, I promise.  Like maybe tomorrow.  (threatening might be a bit of an exaggeration)).
  • shopping with my mom
  • getting a super generous graduation gift from my parents (I didn’t know there were gifts involved in finishing grad school.  Now that I realize this, I am contemplating going back for more degrees!)
  • that is a lie.  Even sweet gifts couldn’t convince me to go back for more.
  • David and Lindsey’s wedding
  • Lindsey and David’s wedding
  • (being at a good friend’s wedding is totally worth two bullet points.  Even if it is just one event) 
  • Jill’s baby shower
  • sleeping in
  • relaxing
  • Sunshine.  How did I not mention sunshine until the end of the list?!  I seriously cannot believe how nice the weather has been.  I would say there is a definitely possibility I got more than one freckle this week.

Wow, looking at that list, I’m surprised I found the will to go back to work today!  Those children are so lucky.

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