Sister Spa Day!

As you may or may not know, Rachel surprised me on Friday with a delicious brunch downtown and then a day at a fancy spa (the spa is cousin’s with The Westin, my favorite hotel chain.  She knows me well) where we pretended to be fancy ladies of leisure.

I don’t have any pictures of the event, but don’t worry, I DO have pictures of a similar completely different spa-like experience that we had four years ago outside of Tokyo.  I will do a little compare and contrast with you.  It will be like we are making a venn diagram with our words. (this sounds exciting!)

That spa was called 

This spa was at the Ivy Hotel.


At both spas we got bathrobes to wear.  Although, they looked a little different. 


At that spa we bathed in red wine 

At this spa we showered at the end with fancy bath products.


At that spa we met Kung Fu Panda. 

At this spa we met a hilarious couple of guys who were getting pedicures before heading up to the cabin for the weekend.


At that spa we had Doctor Fish eat away all the dead skin off our feet.

Yes, I realize my sister isn't actually in this photo. This is in Okinawa with the other missionaries at OCSI. A few weeks later I introduced Rachel to Dr. Fish.

At this spa we got pedicures.


At that spa we bathed in green tea. 

At this spa we had the opportunity to drink green tea or any other kind of tea you could imagine.


At that spa we bathed in coffee 

At this spa we got facials.


At that spa we swam in Rose Water. 

At this spa we got manicures.


At that spa we stood under tiny waterfalls. 

At this spa we got massages.

So in summary, I guess I’d say our experiences were more different than similar.  Huh.

Was it amazing?

Do you even have to ask?

Thanks Rachel!  You are so thoughtful and generous and basically just the best ever.  I’m so glad that you survived February and I finished grad school.  And I’m so glad you are my sister!

(even if I do push you out of pictures we take together)