So glad you found my blog and are taking some time to read my random happenings in life. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you get to know me better:

What do you do in life?

I teach kindergarten!

So… what ARE a few of your favorite things?

Well, if you read my blog, you’ll pick up on the fact that I love my job and my students, I love to travel, take pictures, bake, and go on random adventures with my friends and family.  Beyond that though, I am a fan of flip flops, pedicures, mittens, headbands, cute aprons from the 1950s, flowers, walking around lakes, laughing, being out in the sunshine, the MN Twins, modes of transportation, coffee, froyo, and Jesus.  Yes, definitely love Jesus.

What are a few of your least favorite things?

Bees, ticks, misuse of the turn signal, scary movies, mushrooms, and tripping.

You seem to enjoy traveling, where have you been?

We went on huge family vacations/camping trip when I was little, so I saw a lot of the US of A through those fun adventures.  Outside of the States, I’ve been to Brazil (twice), Guatemala, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, Austria, Czech Republic, and Uganda.  If you count airports that you don’t leave, let’s add Iceland, Mexico, Belgium, Rwanda, and Holland to the list.  Wow – that list has grown since the last time I wrote it all out.  Fun!

Why do you like traveling?

I love seeing new places and enjoying that beauty that God has created all around the world.  I also LOVE learning about and seeing new cultures and how people live life in other parts of the world.  It fills me up with joy.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

I never used to have an answer to that question, because I have loved so many parts of the world for so many different reasons.  Some have fascinating cultures, some are so beautiful, others have such cool history.  But nowhere has captured my heart in the way that Africa did.

Why do you blog?

I started blogging when I taught in Japan for a summer.  Then I stopped upon my return.  Then I heard that my grandma kept hoping I’d start again.  I love telling and hearing stories.  Enter: the blog – a way to tell you stories.

You tell people to achieve their dreams.  What dreams have you achieved of late?

I should say that a lot of my dreams I don’t know I have until I am presented with the opportunity to achieve them.  However, I love a good random adventure, and I have a friend who says, “When in doubt, do it for the story.”  But to answer your question, here are few dreams that I have made come true in the recent past: owning a hammock to lay outside and read in, celebrating Canada Day in Canada, riding horses in Argentina, meeting Twins players (I’d like to say befriending Twins players, but that might be stretching the truth), teaching overseas, swimming in a pool of coffee, seeing the sights of The Sound of Music,  ice skating at Rockefeller Center at Christmastime, and most recently: volunteering at an orphanage.

What are some other dreams you might achieve someday?

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center at Christmas time, seeing Ireland, being a real photographer (hint, if you’ve got cute kids or puppies for me to practice on, sign me up!), seeing whales in the ocean, going on an Alaskan cruise, going to Greece, getting married and raising a family, going in a secret passageway, volunteering at an orphanage, going back to my orphanage in Uganda, seeing the Northern Lights, visiting tulips and old fashioned wind mills in Holland…

What is your favorite greeting card  you’ve received/life motto?

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Yeah, I won’t be answering that on a public forum.  You have to be a pretty good friend to hear that one.  However, I will say it involves the Boundary Waters.

What is your favorite tea?

Whatever it is that they serve me at Juut salon when I get my haircut.  It is tempting to go get my hair done right now, just for the tea.  Or, UPDATE!  I also LOVE the Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea.  It is like heaven in a cup.

Sometimes you take nice picture.  Will you do some photography for me?

Probably!  Email me and ask.

Do people really ask you these questions? 

No, but if you do have a real question for me, leave it in the comments, and if you are lucky, I might just add it to the list! 

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