Schoolhouse Rock vol. 62: What is love?

And the annual valentine’s edition of:

Love According to Kindergartners

Love is a heart.

Love is when we love each other.

Love is giving people stuff that they love something.  Like a love toy.

Love is when you give hugs and when you give kisses.

Love is caring and kind and being nice.

Love means you give hugs and kisses to each other on Valentine’s Day.

Love means that you love your parents.

Love is when you love someone and you want to be kind to your friends.

Love is like when you love somebody and you give some valentines stuff to them.

Love means that you love another person.

Love is valentines.

Love is you love somebody.  You love your mom or your dad, your brothers or your sisters.  You can give presents and cards to your family and aunties.  And you say Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love is you are thankful for people.  You give hugs and kisses to your mom and your dad.

Love is friends and family.

Love is you love people a lot.  You give presents to the people you love.  You give valentines stuff if you like them. They give you a little box of chocolate and you like them a lot.

Love is that you care for somebody.

Love is you like your mom.

Love is when you want to spend time with someone and you can give them candy.

Love is that you love people.  If you want people to love you, you don’t have to hit them.

Love is something that you give something to people and when you show a heart to them, you say “I love you.”  You be nice to them.

Love is Valentine’s Day.

Love is when you can be nice.

Love is heart.  Love dad.

Love my mom.  I love Miss Karsjens.

Love is loving people.  Like you love your mom or friends or dad or cousins.

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