Schoolhouse Rock vol. 17

This week I’m dog sitting at my parents’ house. Just a few minutes ago, I was taking my dinner out of the oven and then couldn’t be bothered to grab an oven mitt to tip the tray for easy pouring onto my plate. So I just used the cuff of my mom’s sweatshirt that I decided to borrow (thanks mom!)

Anyways, using things for something other than their intended purpose reminded me that today as I was walking the students to the bus, one girl, who’s hand I hold on the way out every day, she tells me she needs a kleenex. However, we don’t have time to go back in and get one, and I tell her as much. She looks and me and looks at my hand that she is holding and says, “Maybe I should just use your hand instead.”

UM – no. Sick. (literally).

(thankfully she just laughed instead of moving forward with her diabolical plan)

One thought on “Schoolhouse Rock vol. 17

  1. Here’s the perfect answer to that missing kleenex situation and the answer really was within the confines of your post. I had a friend who, when she did not have a tissue handy to wipe her children’s noses, simply swiped their noses with the sleeve of her sweatshirt and then rolled up the sleeve. Easy. Huh?

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