Spring School Happenings

So, I realize it has basically been a year since I have posted on here, but it is mostly because noteworthy things don’t happen as often as you might think.

However – there are some amusing anecdotes that I do have up my sleeve to share with you today.

The first is (background information first – I have a student teacher in my classroom as well as an educational assistant, and my student teacher is in the middle of her full time teaching) today my student teacher was out sick and so I taught my class (I know – sigh- having to do my own job…) and one girl said to me, “You never teach us anymore!  You just FORCE other teachers to do your work for you!” which cracked me up, but I did explain to her that is NOT the case at all and our student teacher is here to learn to be a great teacher and so I have to give her time to practice teaching.   After which, I got this email from her tonight:

I like that you are my teacher! Even though I sometimes have to change my card, I still love who you are and I still like how you are my teacher! I like how you teach the student teachers and I like how you give me hugs and I like how you do art projects with me.

Highlights of this for me are: “I like how you teach the student teachers” – she clearly is still thinking about this.


“Even though I sometimes have to change my card, I still love who you are.”

Event #2 to share:

Today a coworker came in to my classroom and asked if I had a minute.  He started out with: “I really like your personality, and I have a favor to ask…” um – What!?!?!  Turns out he was looking for someone to narrate a slideshow at a staff meeting and thought I could do a good job of including both sarcasm and enthusiasm – I think he has good insights into my personality!