Schoolhouse Rock vol. 17

This week I’m dog sitting at my parents’ house. Just a few minutes ago, I was taking my dinner out of the oven and then couldn’t be bothered to grab an oven mitt to tip the tray for easy pouring onto my plate. So I just used the cuff of my mom’s sweatshirt that I decided to borrow (thanks mom!)

Anyways, using things for something other than their intended purpose reminded me that today as I was walking the students to the bus, one girl, who’s hand I hold on the way out every day, she tells me she needs a kleenex. However, we don’t have time to go back in and get one, and I tell her as much. She looks and me and looks at my hand that she is holding and says, “Maybe I should just use your hand instead.”

UM – no. Sick. (literally).

(thankfully she just laughed instead of moving forward with her diabolical plan)