Febreze Fail. Take 1 and Take 2.

So, my scarves smell like Argentine winter.  And not in an awesome memories kind of way.  But in a “I like to remember summer-winter through pictures and stories, not through the smell of cigarette smoke and pigeons”.  However, I was nervous about washing them – what if the washing machine eats them??  So I thought a brilliant solution would be to frebreze them up a little – at least while I researched the best way to actually wash them.

I would like to preface the rest of the story by saying that I have used many spray bottles in my life.  They are not exactly a new invention.  I did not grow up under a rock.

Most cleaning products have an easy to use “open and closed” or “lock and unlocked” option.  The frebreze also seemed to.  According to the arrows – you can have the top of the bottle twisted to open, or twisted to closed.  I tried to twist it to open.  It would not twist.  I twisted harder.  Still nothing.  So then I used lots of strength, (clearly a little TOO much strength) and twisted it – oh, it opened alright.  Unfortunately I just wanted the spray nozzle to open.  Instead, the whole top came off the bottle and the freshest smelling liquid in town exploded in my closet – on my things, and soaked into the carpet.  I was so sad.  But just used a towel to soak up what I could, closed the bottle and washed it off, and tried to think about how I would be fresh smelling for years.

Fast forward 2 weeks: our landlord is coming over, and I am thinking “hmm… this sweatshirt just came off the shelf for the first time in months.  I knew it was clean, but it just smelled stale-ish… so I decided that I am a capable grown up.  I can master the febreze bottle.  I though about holding it in the sink while trying to open it, but then thought, “no – i know my mistake from last time.  I can do this.”  Mistake.  Febreze all over everything again.  Including me.  Cue doorbell.  Panic sets in.  I walk away.  There is nothing else to do.

I just wanted to be like this lady:

but apparently spraying freshness is not in my skill set.  I shall hang up these signs to remind me in the future to not bother trying again.


5 thoughts on “Febreze Fail. Take 1 and Take 2.

  1. I am having your same exact dilemma! This bottle sprays great, but will not open. It “seems” to be able to, because there is a lock and unlock icon. But, when I was in the store and wanted to smell them, I could not unlock it. I had to spray each one. If they did not want them to ever open again, why not just seal it shut? Why put the lock and unlock symbol on it? I tried squeezing it… no avail. I was googling how to open the febreze bottle to get to your page.

  2. Ditto for me too.. Mine comes out in spurts, not spray like its supposed to and why the lock and unlock? Aren’t we adult enough to put our cleaning supplies up so the kids can’t get into them? We’ve learned over centuries to not let the kids get into the cleaners. But alas major companies don’t think we’re smart enough to do this so now we can’t even work the things we’re supposed to use. I bet if I gave it to a kid, they would have it opened in record time lol.

  3. Here’s something that you guys may find helpful. I am such a stickler about saving money and using generics whenever I can find one that does the job as well as the name brand that I buy a lot of stuff from the 99 Cents Only Store and The Dollar Tree, including generic febreze. I have always had several different smells to choose from, I have been told by my family and friends that my house and car smell just as good with my generic stuff as the high dollar name brand febreze that they had been buying and I have never had a problem opening it up and closing it back up. You may want to consider trying this too.

  4. I found your page because I was having the same problem. Finding no solution on your page I took my bottle( the same type shown in your picture) and tried to focus my anger and resentment at the bottle to see if I develop some psychic bottle opening skills..didn’t happen. When I discovered the nozzle had spray designs at the sides when usually its at the top. Light bulb moment I turned the nozzle instead of the neck and it Worked! Why in the world is there a lock and unlock symbol on the neck if you have to turn the nozzle..no idea. Hopefully I solved your spillage problems and relieved someone else’s febreeze induced headaches.

    • amazing. eventually (like a month later) i figured it out, but honestly had no idea what i did to make it work – thanks for sharing the “magical” solution!

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