All You Need Is Love

My students are quite concerned about my lack of a family.

Week 1:

Student asks “Do you have a family?” and when I told him I don’t have kids of my own, he replied, “Oh.  That’s sad.”

Week 3:

Another student asks, “Do you have kids at home?”

I answer, “no.”

Another student chimes in, “That’s because you don’t have a husband?”

I reply, “yes”.

“Why not?  You should get a husband.”

I respond by asking: “That’s a great idea, but how do I get a husband?”

Here is some of the advice I recieved:

  • You have to look for one!
  • Drive somewhere in your car and look for a man walking by himself.  Then he can be your husband.
  • You have to be 86.  Or 14.
  • You should find him when you are looking pretty.  You look pretty today, so you can look for him today.
  • My mom and dad found each other at work.
  • You should just ask a man.  (after a short debate it was decided that I should in fact wait until he asks me)
  • You could find him anywhere.
  • Maybe you should ask Mrs. Ticcioni what to do – she has a husband.
  • You should smile at him.  If he smiles back, he can be your husband.

There was definitely more advice that I am struggling to recall, but I am feeling a lot more confident in my romantic future.  Here is my plan.

Step 1: Turn 86.

Step 2: Look Pretty.

Step 3: Drive around town and find all the people.

Step 4: Stake out a street and look for a man walking alone.

Step 5: Smile.

Step 6: Plan the wedding.

Don’t worry – you will for sure be invited 😉


2 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love

  1. This is hilarious!

    I had one kid a few years ago who burst out in a middle of a lesson:
    “Miss Ernst, when you retire, you should get a dog. And when are you going to get married anyway?”

    Sadly, he was in 5th grade.

    So the plan was:
    1. Retire
    2. Dog
    3. Husband

    He probably forgot the “Smile” and “Look Pretty” part. 😀

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