Cousins Dinner

A few years ago, my grandparents started hosting dinner for us cousins who live in the area.  It was a fun way to get to connect with one another and hang out more than we had in the past.  Over the years, our group has grown as girlfriends, fiances, and spouses have joined the mix.  We still love going to dinner at Grandma’s, but we also get together for dinners just us cousins. 

We are hilarious and fun, so cousin dinners are always a highlight.

You have pretty much no hope of attending, unless you find a way to marry into the family or get us to adopt you, but I would be willing to let you live vicariously through us just this once.

This is one of my favorite cousins pictures, because it is where Kaia first realized that David is tall. And no, it is not the first time they met.

One our of favorite past times is playing telephone pictionary.  We know that if it is a girl with triangle shaped hair, it is my sister Rachel, with her bad awesome perm from 5th grade.  A boy with creepy eyes and facial hair is David, modeled after his mii.  Fauxhawk and goatee is Steve.  And so-forth.  Popular subject matter includes Half Chicken (if you don’t know the story of how weather vanes came to be, I’m happy to tell you anytime), Christmas ghosts, the donkey from the nativity, and a dog that looks like a deer.  Why we write about these things, I cannot explain. 

Another thing to know is that if a cousins dinner is happening, there is a 95.6% chance the weather will suck.  That is just the way it is.  We usually party in blizzards.  Bonus points if Laura hits a semi on the way home.  (ok, no one was happy when that happened, but I’m just saying it happened). 

We generally eat delicious food.  The delicious food may or may not go together.  For example, a couple years ago my grandma gave each of us an amazing cookbook with all of her favorite recipes in it.  Naturally, for that cousins dinner we all made something from the cookbook.  Buffalo chicken dip is always a crowd pleaser.  As is fruit snowmen on a skewer.  We tried to plant one in the snow to grow a new cousin, but that didn’t work out for us.

Our cousins dinner last week was different from the rest.  We had pleasant weather, a cohesive meal, and did not play telephone pictionary.  We did however play Balderdash.  The best game though, was Watch the Baby Chase the Dog.  Fiona warmed up to Bear pretty quickly, but Bear did not warm up to Fiona.  He wasn’t aggressive.  He was just terrified.  He hid under the table, under chairs, behind people, etc.  She chased him around the island and through crowds of cousins.  Hilarious and a half.  It was suggested that Rachel and David have a kid to help wear out the dog.  But apparently that isn’t a good reason to start your family.  Maybe they can open a nanny business instead? 

All of the food was delicious (except for that broccoli I told you about yesterday).  I would like to highlight Rachel’s recipe for amazingness.  Maple Mustard-Glazed Chicken.  We also had bread, nasty broccoli, tator tots, homemade applesauce, homemade hummus, and for dessert: cookie dough eggrolls with ice cream and crushed candy on top.  Rich doesn’t begin to describe it.  Tasty and fun might start to describe it.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing family – too bad the rest of the cousins won’t move to Minnesota so that they can partake in the fun and we can partake in their company.  We’ll just have to work on another family wedding so we can all be reunited sooner rather than later. 

4 thoughts on “Cousins Dinner

  1. This post made me really happy. I particularly love Eric’s telephone pictionary game face peeking out from behind wine bottles; it is just so indicative of cousin’s dinner.

  2. I think that it’s so sweet y’all actioned something out of grandma’s cookbook – I have a couple of family-made cookbooks and I absolutely adore them 11/10.

    Separately, maybe you can take another try at snowman cloning this winter?

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