If you don’t see me…

Normally February is one of my favorite months, what with Valentine’s Day, all the cool kids’ birthdays, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, etc.  So much amazingness happening!

But this month, if you don’t see as much of me around here, it is because I’m here: at my newly unorganized work station to write my capstone paper for grad school.  Have I mentioned I am in grad school?  Because I am.  And I just started my last class.  And I just want to have this paper written and done with.  Because you are probably wondering, I’m writing my paper on using music and movement in the classroom.

With much sarcasm and dread in my voice, I will tell you I love reading journal articles, analyzing research studies, and scouring books for something, really anything, I could add to my paper to get it to the proper length of 1,000 (or 30) pages.  And let’s not forget using APA format.  Seeing as I write all my posts in APA format with a scholarly voice, you probably already know I think it is awesome.

Nothing slows me down from BSing my way through school like APA…

(Disclaimer: if you like writing in APA format, I am happy for you.  So glad there is someone in this world who enjoys it)

I have a puzzle box of Times Square that I got from my secret santa at cousin’s Christmas Dinner sitting in my line of sight.  Motivation that when I get my paper done, I can clear off my parents’ sketchy card table and use it for puzzling instead of papering.

Then again, I can’t stay focused on a task like this for very long anyway, so maybe you will see more of me around here as I procrastinate and distract myself from excessive thinking.  There is no way to know what (the last three days of January and) February will bring.  Time will tell.


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