The Perils of Texting

We hear a lot about the perils of texting while driving.  The law agrees.

But what about the danger of texting in other situations?

Texting while bicycling?

Texting on stilts?   Texting while mountain climbing?

Texting while on your pogo stick?

Texting near a toilet?

Texting while walking?

Texting on the trapeze?

Texting while marching in a parade wearing a half-horse costume?

I’m hear to tell you that texting can be a dangerous sport in a multitude of circumstances.

Take for example, texting while walking.  Consider this highly fictionalized, completely made up scenario.

You are walking down Lyndale in Minneapolis, meeting a friend for lunch.  You are running about 7 minutes late because of some trickiness with a calculator earlier in the morning.  You are walking moderately quickly, and pull out your phone to text your friend that you are close (you don’t want your friend to give up on you and go home) when all of a sudden, you lose control.  You try to channel your skills from the Wii balance board.  Is that success in the air? – you are close to regaining your balance!  No. Epic fail.  Down you go.  Face plant onto the slushy cement sidewalk.  Your phone goes flying into a pile of slush.  Two kindly strangers stop to make sure you are ok.  You stand up, feeling foolish (and in a slight amount of pain) and attempt to brush off the snow caking your jeans and jacket (not to be confused with a jean jacket).  You assure the strangers that you are in fact alright.  They compliment your landing, and you hobble away.

How could you avoid a situation like that?  Simply by not texting while walking.  Safety first, people, safety first.

And yes, that is the story of my afternoon.

This is an example of much safer phone usage. Note that I am both seated and using a 4 finger + 1 thumb grip on the phone, supporting the phone on two sides and one corner.

The End.


4 thoughts on “The Perils of Texting

  1. Oh my!! I’m glad you are ok! I would have to say I have had some trouble texting while walking too. While walking around the lake last summer I almost got motion sickness by doing it.

  2. My phone doesn’t have texting, BUT I took a bad spill while operating a video camera from the seat of my bicycle a couple summers ago. The goal was to capture David training for his marathon (and he’s too fast for me to do this on foot). The result was some excellent footage of David and then a short interview with me (and my bloody hand) explaining what I learned about bicycle safety. Next time I’ll wear a helmet.

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