Everything that has Breath

First of all… sorry to give you two posts in one day yesterday.  That was lame.  I should probably make you wait an extra day for this post, but because I’m nice, I’ll give it to you now anyways.  You are welcome.

For one of our Saturday Bible rotations we talked about worship.  It was a reallyc ool morning.

At one station we made tambourines with paper plates and beans.  Because if there is one thing we have plenty of here in Uganda, it is beans!

Brenda and her tambourine 🙂


At Jessica’s station she taught them Psalm 150:3-6, “Praise him with the sound of the trump.  Praise him with the harp and the lyre.  Praise him with the tambourine and dancing.  Praise him eiwth the clash of the cymbals.  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”  (I’m sorry that you can’t hear the sound effects and tune that the kids memorized it to…)

Carol, Esther, and Don memoriing their Bible verse


At my station we read a short devotional about how God created crickets to make a noise to communicate and how God created us the same way.  We talked about different ways that we can praise God.  Then I let each kid come up and sing a praise song.  After each song we talked about why we sing that song to praise God.  I want these kids to grow up learning to think deeply about the words they are singing to praise God.  At the church I attend in Minneapolis, we sing a lot of hims that have new musical arrangements (and the new musical arrangements are AWESOME).  But I love that hymns have lyrics that cause you to think deeply about what you are singing and praise God with both your heart and your mind.  While “Jesus is a winner man” might not have the same theological depth as “From depths of woe I raise to thee my voice of lamentation…” I love singing that Jesus is a winner man and Satan is a loser man with the kids here and I want them to know what they are saying.  Anyways, after that we broke out the kaoos.  Perhaps Richie and I should have had a practice session with the kazoos because we quickly realied we couldn’t actually play them correctly.  We modified and fake-taught the kids to play the kazoos to worship God.

Kazoo Fun! Cocus, Uncle Richie, Annet, Oscar, and Jerom

It was a really fun morning, and one of my favorite things is that night when I peeked in on the kids’ devotional time, I saw Oscar using his newly made tambourine to praise god along with the normal singing, dancing, and African drumming.