Loving the Lake: highlights from our week

Because I am at the lake, obviously I can’t be bothered to type in full paragraphs.  Instead I will just share with you a bulleted list of some quality lake-side moments with the fam this week.

  • David discovering his secret talent at Yahtzee
  • The neighbor girl getting a butterfly net stuck on her head
  • Rachel’s super creepy hood on her super cute shirt 
  • Rachel asking, “Do I need to wear pants?”  which out of context is amazing.
  • Fishing 
  • Seeing an Eagle catch a fish in the water
  • Seeing what we are pretty sure is a volcano erupting over the tree line 
  • David convincing me that one of the loons is all brownish because of an oil spill
  • My mom suggesting that for their anniversary, she and my dad go tubing together while I drive the boat – my dad replying by offering to go fill up the tube.  I don’t like to drive the boat, but I might have done it to see that
  • The moment in which I thought I saw a giant purple Care Bear waving at me from shore.  (clearly I was not wearing my glasses).  After I blinked, I realized it was hanging purple flower plant things.
  • Celebrating Rachel’s birthday with angry faces that her friend already got her the same gift as us.
  • My dad trying iced coffee.  He concedes it is better than lukewarm coffee.
  • The time us kids went out for a boat ride and my brother cautioned me to wear my rain jacket.  Then THIS happened.  And yes, I was the only one in the boat who was wet. 
  • Playing Boggle with “Zach” and “Meredith” (we clearly couldn’t be bothered to change the names on the ipad)
  • Lining up on the front porch, facing the lake, reading books (we were in chairs, not lined up like the Von Trapp children…)
  • Having Muskrat Love in our heads all week long after our nature sighting. 
  • Watching the neighbor girl push her brother’s clothes into the fire pit
  • Watching Pippi Longstocking (ok, I only watched like 10 minutes because of the spotty internet, but it was an amazing 10 minutes of standing in the middle of the room, next to my brother, holding my ipod at the perfect angle to get maximum internet bars while my brother did the same thing trying to download ipad games)
  • Googling things like Psalty the Singing Song Book and singing along in efforts to be fully prepared for our week at the cabin 
  • Watching the neighbor boy push his TINY little wheelbarrow filled with beer cans down to the recycling
  • Dad making delicious breakfast for us every day (Speaking of, Dad – I’m feeling a bit hungry now.  Could you come make me some pancakes please?)
  • Ice Cream!  (this is the before picture, when things are going well.  I will start taking ice cream eating lessons soon, because not long after this picture was taken, I somehow broke my cone in multiple places, causing it to ooze ice cream everywhere and eventually forcing me to abandon my ice cream eating efforts) 
  • Spending time with my family
  • Perfecting the art of relaxation 

go hug a palm tree. or a MN Twin.

You might think that my biggest accomplishment of the week was parent-teacher conferences.  Or being a dominoes co-champion with a fellow Laura.

But no – my biggest accomplishment this week was buying plane tickets.  Yes, I will soon be escaping this cold, snowy, dreary place.  I cannot wait.  I hope that I remember what the sun looks like.

Don’t get me wrong – I love MN, I love winter, and I love snow.  But I hate January.  It is my least favorite month, and I cannot think of anything good about it.  And I’m ready to be done with winter.  Especially because I had an extra week of winter in August when I traveled south of the equator.  What was I thinking?

Purchasing plane tickets was a big accomplishment.  It was no easy task.  It was touch and go for a while.  For a while it seemed that my friends would be going and I would not.  Which was tricky since without me they have no place to stay.  Eventually we got it sorted out.  The stress of it all only caused me to cry a tiny bit out of my left eye.

I will be birthday-ing in Florida this year, and it is time to prepare.*

Here are some things on my to-do list.

  1. Go to Twins fest and get to know some of the players so we can set up some times to hang out while we are all in Florida.
  2. Create paper dolls of the Twins players** so that I will be more likely to recognize them in various potential street clothes.  No one wants a repeat of the Chicago incident of ’07, when I didn’t see Cuddyer at Wicked with us.  Embarrassing.
  3. Review elements of nature I may have forgotten since the snow fell upon us here in the tundra.  This includes, but is not limited to: sun, breeze, ocean, sand, warmth, and pool.  Pool is not nature.  But it is essential to the Florida experience.
  4. Prepare my presidential report for President’s Day.
  5. Pick a president to report on for President’s Day.
  6. Research if there are any Caribous in Florida to get my free coffee drink on my birthday.
  7. Get a few small dogs.
  8. Get a stroller for said dogs.  This is the only way to fit in at the Florida outlet mall.
  9. Create a townhouse paper chain to count down the days until vacation.
  10. Remind the Bible study ladies that we will be meeting on Valentine’s Day, but not on President’s Day.  Because like I told them last week: we care more about Presidents than about love.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things on my list, but it is good to have somewhere to start.

* I like to pretend that I am fancy and go to Florida for my birthday.  This is a lie.  I just happen to have a birthday that falls near a three day weekend.  And I am a teacher.  Thus, I don’t have to work on days like President’s Day.

** I am not actually a creepy stalker.  I do like the Twins, but there is a line, and for the most part, I do not cross it.

*** Here is photographic evidence supplied by my sister in reference to the Cuddyer incident of ’07.