A Special Day

Today was such a special day.  I can’t decide if it was good special or bad special.  So we will just stick with special.

  • We found this in one kid’s folder.  I’m considering changing the spelling of my name to one of these.  Maybe people will be able to pronounce it a little easier…

  • Several children now have secret handshakes they try and do with me regularly.  I am not sure why.
  • One kid told my EA that she smells like cookies and he is going to eat her.  After this, he began singing our Gingerbread song.
  • The class said, “Should he go to the nurse?” and I thought to myself “why would we send him to the nurse?”  I looked his direction and he looked fine.  Then he threw up all over.  How did the other kids know this was going to happen??
  • We had a bathroom/Spanish related “situation” that involved a crying student, myself, a translator, the nurse coming running down the hall with gloved hands stretched out in front her saying “Nurse M to the rescue!!”
  • During a reading lesson today, a little boy breaks out into song: “Hit me with your best shot…”
  • I asked, “Do you have any other questions?”  Little boy with curly hair raises his hand.  I call on him.  He says emphatically, “I love you!”
  • I had a couple of former students stop by with some pictures for me.  They are in first grade now.  The inside of a card was amazing.  It warms my heart.

In case you can’t read that, she has a picture of us at the top, then writes: You are the best teacher in the whole entire world.  I could never have a teacher as nice as you especially you.

Question: did her first grade teacher read what this little girl wrote?  And is she crying in her classroom right now? 😉

I hope that your day has been equally as exciting, perhaps with a little less of the bodily fluids.