A Skeleton in My Closet.

Actually, this should probably be entitled, “A Skeleton in My Classroom”.

Imagine with me for a moment, that you teach kindergarten.  One morning, you are innocently entering your classroom.  Mentally you are preparing for the day: the lessons you will teach and the student behaviors that you will be ready to address.

You unlock the door and step inside.  You reach out to turn on the lights, but then suddenly you see that something is out of the ordinary.  You see the silhouette of a person. A person standing behind your desk, holding the back of your chair.  You jump back, gasp, and freeze. 

Your mind is racing, but as you process through the situation a little more, you see that it is not in fact a person, but rather, a wigged skeleton dressed up to go for a little run.  You circle the skeleton, perhaps from a safe distance, and find a note taped to his stylish t-shirt: “April Fool’s!  From Justin Bieber.”

People, I scare more easily than most.  My roommate has to verbally warn me when she is entering a room.  We are lucky that I did not pee my pants.  This was a terrifying (and I suppose hilarious) way to start my day. 

Naturally I wanted to share the love, and not knowing where Mr. Bones actually lives, I moved him over to the children’s folder basket to greet the kids when they arrived.  Their reactions were pretty great.

  • A couple jumped
  • One screamed
  • One creeped in close, kissed his bony hand, giggled, and slowly backed away
  • A couple wouldn’t go near him and circled the other side of the classroom to get their breakfast
  • Several pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary
  • And several mis-read the sign and declared that it was Justin Bieber (I’m not sure why they weren’t more upset that it was just his bones)
  • After I read the sign to them, they excitedly chattered about how Justin Beiber came to our classroom to play an April Fool’s Day joke on us.
  • Oh, and then there is the kid who exclaims, “Oh no!  He doesn’t have a heart!!!!!”  (because that’s all he’s missing….?)

So, Happy April Fool’s Day (a few days late, pranksters).  Now that I have recovered from my alarming entrance to school and my heart has started beating again, I’d better go pick up my kids from recess!