Twins Fest – I am not actually a twin.

After viewing my pictures of Twins Fest, my student wanted to know if I play on the same team as the Twins.  She pointed out that I was in fact wearing the same shirt as them.  I realize how misleading this might be (specifically to a five year old from Africa), so in case any of the rest of you were wondering, I am not in fact a MN Twin.  Rather, I am a Twins fan.  Almost the same.  But different.

Amber and I with Justin Morneau

I am trying to think of a good reason for TC to visit us in kindergarten.  Any thoughts?

Kevin Slowey! my new best friend. or I paid to take a picture with him. Tricky 🙂

Speaking of Twins players, I am sad to report that I did not follow through on my promise to make paper dolls to help me correctly identify the players in their street clothes.  I did however go with a less creepy option and play a rousing game of, “Name that Twins player” using google images.  It is like the tech-savvy version of flashcards.  I failed miserably by the way.  I am doing better on some parts of my vacation preparation list though, so you can still be proud of me!  Look!  Tiffany and I made a paper chain!  (the only tricky thing is knowing if it is my turn to take off a link.  I had to count it out tonight to check, and honestly I’m still not sure!)  Regardless, when we get to the end, I’m going to the airport – so I hope it works out and we finish on the day of our flight!

a week from today, i'll be on an airplane!