City Three: Vienna.

Let’s just continue with the sisters walk down memory lane with this photo montage: 

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Please note two things concerning these images:  1)  Rachel has since gotten Lucy (her dog) a set of coordinating pjs, as she clearly felt left out.  2)  We bring these pajamas on every vacation we go on.

**Please also note that while the above pictures are real, the above statements concerning the above pictures are lies.**

Alrighty then, now that we have that cleared up, onto Vienna:

First, I will share some tips, advice, and general knowledge I learned from watching a Rick Steve’s DVD that I checked out from the library:

  1. Europeans love children, and they are a great social ice breaker.  (we will probably find some children to bring along with us.  My cousin’s cute kiddos have already been volunteered, but we will consider some back-up options just in case they have a previously scheduled playdate conflicting with our trip).
  2. We can ride bikes and take pictures simultaneously.  This is how the pros do it.
  3. The Habsburgs ruled Vienna until WWII, but we should not feel pressure to pay homage to all of their body parts, which are kept in various city locations.
  4. Sachertorte is, according to Rick, a tasty chocolate cake that defies description.  It is enough to make a chocoholic tourist burst into song.  We will have our cameras ready if anyone around us begins singing opera like on the dvd.
  5. Schoennbrunn Palace: looks amazing.  I am considering moving in.  It is the only palace in Europe to rival Versailles.
  6. Ringstrasse encircles most of the important Vienna sites.  The tram circles the whole thing, and so should we.
  7. If we are lucky, children dressed in period clothing pieces will come and sing us a greeting to make us feel welcome.
  8. Old ladies will pump water for you if you ride your bike along the Danube to become “intimately acquainted with nearby villages.”

Those are the highlights of my DVD notes.  Here is what I gleaned from the tour books:

  • I will probably feel like I’m back in Buenos Aires, as one local complains of the dog poo all over the sidewalk.
  • Frommer’s asks me: “Would you like to wind back the clock to Imperial times at the Hofburg, visit Mozart’s house, cruise the Blue Danube, or admire Lipizzaner horses strutting to Waltz music?  Or catch a tram along epic Viennesse boulevards and visit the Prater ferris wheel of Vienna’s cult movie, The Third Man?  Hoping to sample some of Viennese legendary coffee houses?”  Why yes, Mr. Frommer, I really am.  How did you know?
  • Remember this picture: The Vienna Boys Choir!  We would love to see them, even just for their costumes alone, but alas, they are on holiday while we are on holiday.  **sad sigh here**
  • The State Opera house looks amazing and will be a must-see on our tour.

After all the Salzburg excitement of sounds of music, salt mine slides, and luging on hillsides, I think that I will be glad that a favorite Viennese past time is sitting at a cafe and sipping coffee.  Can’t wait!