Chimpanzee: the movie

Last night I saw the movie Chimpanzee. 

It was fascinating.  Not as overly heartwarming as I had anticipated from the trailer, but I still was cheering for little Oscar, and wasn’t happy when the rival chimp gang, led by Scar, infringed on their territory.

Anticipating an overly heartwarming tale, JaNahn brought tissues in a bird shaped kleenex box.  She requested that we cheep to indicate our need of a tissue.

She also picked up dinner for us from Burrito Loco, so we sat inside the theater eating our chips and salsa, as well as our bbq chicken burritos.  Yum.  I’d consider this an epic movie food win.  When things got nerve-wracking, I got out the skittles to take our minds off the impending doom.

At the end of the movie, they showed footage of the movie being filmed and that was incredible.  I’d love to watch an entire documentary about the making of this movie.

While this was filmed in the Tai Forest National Park of the Ivory Coast, JaNahn also predicts that if I get lost in Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest, I will not survive, as she doesn’t think I’d be strong enough to crack nuts open with giant rocks.  Sigh.  I guess I will stay with the guide.

When I got home, I was talking to my sister (who was also at the movie with us), and so I took that opportunity to read aloud to her from the internet so we could learn more about chimps, and then also about gorillas.  You’ll be happy to know that wikipedia really confirmed the information I learned in the movie.

In conclusion, would recommend it to a friend who wants to learn about the fascinating world of African animals and chimpanzees.

Click here to learn more.


A Movie Comparison

Blogs are great places for confessions of ridiculous nature, so I feel the need to share the following:

Recently I watched two movies.

Movie one: The Vow


Movie two: Being Elmo: a puppeteer’s journey 

Which one of these movies made me cry?  Yep – Being Elmo: a puppeteer’s journey.

Don’t get me wrong: I would recommend both to a friend.

The Vow was deeply sad.  It was good, but hurt my heart to watch.  Maybe I had to emotionally detach to get through it?  Because I have turned into such a weeper of late, I feel there is no good excuse for my lack of tears.

Being Elmo was not sad in any way shape or form.  I was just so happy for this kid from a good but poor upbringing, who found his passion and achieved his dreams.  Maybe I was inspired on behalf of my students?  Maybe I just really like Sesame Street?  There is no way to know why I cried.  But I did.  Multiple times.

I feel good getting that off my chest.  Thanks for listening.

Now go take an hour and sixteen minutes and go watch it.  You can find it on Netflix instant or free on iTunes.  You are welcome.