Just call me the Dog Whisperer; or Luisa.

Part Eins: Just call me the Dog Whisperer.

The past two days I have taken on a new hobby: visiting puppies while their owners are gainfully employed.  I’m not a creeper.  No, I was invited by these puppies.  Bear gave me a key to the city (or to his house) to encourage our blossoming friendship.  Apparently he forgot to tell his owners he invited me over, because they used the interior trick lock to try and keep me away.  Bear was sad and confused.  As was I.   Fortunately, I had a few tricks up my sleeve (you might refer to it as a cell phone) and I was able to eventually get ahold of the correct personnel for guidance in alternate entry.  We had a delightful time together, running around the backyard, going for a walk (with no puking this time!) and eating toys.  The jury is still out whether he is eating his toy goose or my mom’s dog Maddie.  They are scarily similar in size and color.  Or it is for sure a goose.  The jury is not hung.  During the inside portion of our playdate, he would get a toy, lay in my lap while playing with it, and then get a new one to bring over.  Yes, we have come a long way from the final picture of this post.  Well, I heard that my other puppy niece, Lucy, was getting jealous, so I paid her a visit this afternoon.  She was delighted to see me, and we chatted for a few minutes on my way back into town from my shopping spree at the outlet mall. from my important work of trip preparation. While I was breaking into my sister’s, using a key stolen from my brother because my key was confiscated a while back and never replaced, I also left behind a special present for her.  Which brings me to

Part zwei: Just call me Luisa (with an A).

To help my sister and I get into the traveling spirit, I created for us the soundtrack to our vacation.  Let’s be honest, it is a ridiculous compilation of music.  I won’t pretend all the songs are quality (although I can’t wait till Rachel listens to track number five).   But I will stand by all the songs being appropriate for the daily activities of our European adventures.

I sent my sister an email with this as our playlist description, and told her to guess what each song was.  She only got two of them. Perhaps you can do better?

1.Overture to the Trip
2.  Taking off
3. Hats off to German Class
4. Arriving in Salzburg
5. Seeing Mozart’s childhood home
6. Mozart grew up so fast
7. Sound of music tour
8. Marionette show
9. Salt Mines
10. We are abroad
11. Heading out for the night in Vienna
12. Where all the singles go
13. A day at the palace
14. Biking along the Danube
15. Alice in Wonderland
16. Swan Lake
17. Don’t say it’s over
18. We must head home
19. Saying goodbye to vacation

I informed her that I envision us listening to each day’s song before we set out each morning.  You know, to help us get into the spirit of things.  In case being surrounded by mountains and red roofs and cobblestone isn’t enough.

I also requested that we refer to one another by our German class names: Luisa and Renata (am I spelling that right?)  In 8th grade, I wanted to pick the name Liesl (I’m guessing you can figure out the origin of that dream) but I wasn’t allowed to because it wasn’t on the list.  So I went with Luisa.  A champion of a runner-up name.  Except Frau made me spell it with e at the end.  I think it is prettier with an a, so this is me, taking a stand 10 years later, and officially changing the spelling of my German name.

Back to my brilliant idea to help us recall all our language skills: Rachel of course acquiesced, under the stipulation that we can only use our German names while we are in German speaking countries.  So I guess only in Czech Rep will they know our true identities. Unless of course anyone knows any good Czech names. Brilliant.