A Kindergarten Christmas

Christmas Card #3:  Merry Christmas from Kindergarten!!

Where we are full of joy and Christmas spirit.  Or the crazy children stole it all from us.  It is hard to say.


On vanity and honesty…

I think Miss K should take a picture of me.


Because I’m so beautiful


I’m interrogating students, trying to figure out which not-so-innocent little munchkin graffitied up our dramatic play couch.  The culprit wrote words on it, including a few student names.  One kid comes over and says, “It wasn’t me!  I don’t know enough to write that” and I thought, it is so true little buddy.  you really don’t…


Miss K, you teach us everything!  Why don’t you teach us how to cut?  (um, kids – is that not what we are doing with this art project?)


Miss K, did you go to the North Pole?  Did you see me on the good list?


Dear weather, please warm up.  I am going to lose my mind if we have another day of indoor recess and crazy children.  Thanks in advance.