Cows, motorcycles, and… Wizards??

Joseph, one of the directors of Rafiki Africa Ministries, put this photo on Facebook.


I felt like it needed to be shared for many reasons.

First of all – let’s just talk about that it is a COW. On a boda boda. Say what?!

Secondly, while this might be the most ridiculous thing I have seen on a boda, it is certainly not the only time I have been in awe of things on a boda boda. Entire families all fit on one… A giant stack of mattresses have been piled up to the sky, and so much more.

And finally, Joseph’s caption read something like, “unsafe! Where is the ministry of transportation?” And while I fully agree that this seems incredible unsafe, the “ministry of transportation” makes me giggle. I know that in places like Britain and Uganda that is what they call it, but I just immediately think Harry Potter. And now am picturing some wizards flying alongside the cow riding the boda boda.

You are welcome.