Need a Christmas Tree?


Do you need a Christmas tree??

Don’t be like my sister who bought a fake one and then realized she had no way to get it home and had to break it into little pieces in a parking ramp and put it in her trunk… (ok, this was actually super hilarious. Shopping trip highlight).

Instead, you should get a real tree, and consider supporting my cousin Eric who works for Timber Bay Ministries, making a difference in the lives of youth in Minnetonka.

*Rachel would tell you to support Eric. She only is not buying a tree from him because she is supporting Safety, by not buying a real tree that she may or may not be home to properly care for. If that is your situation, you can be like us and buy a pretty wreath instead!

Where should I buy my Christmas tree?

If you live in the Twin Cities and are asking yourself that question, you are in luck!  I have a great answer for you.  (scroll to the bottom for tree lot information)

Growing up in a family that had an artificial Christmas tree for 99% of my life, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to work at my cousin’s tree lot. 

I learned a lot.

  1. My cousin’s lot sells three main types of trees.  Fraser Firs, Balsam, and Canaan Firs.
  2. I learned the difference between these three types of trees.  Fraser Firs are like the Cadillac of Christmas trees.  The hold tightly onto their needles instead of sharing as many with your carpeting.  Balsam trees smell like Christmas.  Canaan Firs are the best of both worlds – fragrant, but not quite as fragrant as the Balsam, hold onto their needles, but not quite as well as the Frasers.
  3. There are lots of other options of what to buy.  I got a cute little wreath for my front gate!  I had four sizes of wreaths to choose from. 
  4. Some people know exactly what they want.  Others can browse for upwards of 400 minutes.
  5. Trees are sold by the foot.
  6. Some people are allergic to Christmas trees.  Let’s have a moment of silence for those people. 
  7. If you are putting it in water right when you get home, they will give your tree a fresh cut.  Trees are like people.  We get scabs over our cuts.  They cover their cuts with sap.  That is why you need to cut the bottom inch off before setting it up in your home.
  8. Speaking of sap, you should not carry a tree with bare hands and then put on fuzzy lined work gloves. You will end up with fuzzy lined hands.
  9. Christmas trees are not cared for by elves until they are magically dropped off at your front door.  This lot gets their trees from a Christmas tree farm in the Princeton/Cambridge area.
  10. Christmas trees prefer tap water over a steady diet of glitter, tinsel, and candy canes.  I know, I was surprised to find that out too. 

If you are buying a tree this year for your home, I would recommend you head out to the Timber Bay Tree Lot in Minnetonka on the corner of 101 and Hwy 7 – in the parking lot on the strip mall with Caribou and Breuggers – across 101 from Target.

The best part of purchasing your tree here is that all of the money goes towards Timber Bay – a ministry that invests in the youth of Minnesota and Iowa.  My cousin Eric, who is running the lot, has worked for several years with Timber Bay’s Minnetonka program.

Timber Bay’s Website

Timber Bay’s Tree Lot Facebook Page