It is Christmas Eve

Christmas Card #5: No words necessary.


A Short Story Christmas

Christmas Card #4 – taking the poor photoshopping up a notch

As you can see, Buddy the Elf and Santa are a big part of my Christmas greeting options.  Probably because it doesn’t get much better than Buddy and Santa.  Especially with other things photoshopped in.

Rachel, Amber, and myself sent the following as an actual Christmas greeting.

We enjoy Kevin Slowey’s brother’s blog, and each year they do a thing where if you send them a Christmas card, they will send you one back.  Last year we were newer blog readers friends, so we didn’t participate.  This year we were  excited to create our entry.  However, we were slightly disappointed devastated to see that a few days after we mailed our card book to them, they were all out.  Since we have not yet gotten a response in the mail, we think we were just seconds too late in mailing out our card.  However, the important part is spreading Christmas cheer, right?

Well, in any case, please enjoy the following short non-fiction account of a Christmas.

An Uruguayan Christmas

Christmas Card #2 Merry Christmas from me and the Uruguay-an Mafia!

A mafia man living in Uruguay who loves his gelato invited us into his home for Christmas .

Or, we went to a hole in the wall restaurant in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and our waiter seemed like he probably should be in the mafia, and his parents started the first gelato shop in Uruguay?  in somewhere?  The details are fuzzy.  The important part is that there were still dodgy Christmas decorations up in August.  And naturally (in honor of my friend Jill), I had to take a picture with said dodgy Christmas-ness.

Christmas Greetings!

I don’t send out a Christmas card, because I am just me… and my mom writes about me in her card.  However, perhaps this week, I will post some pictures, that if I were to send out a Christmas card, the following would be good options.  This way, if you don’t get any Christmas cards in the mail, you can come and look at my blog and be restored to full Christmas spirit.

Christmas Card #1

Nothing spreads Christmas cheer, like singing loud for all to hear.  Or, if you are Beth Moore, perhaps you would write a Christmas poem instead of singing a Christmas song.