poor little camel

Tonight my roommate and I decorated for Christmas.

Let’s just say we learned a valuable lesson about the level of summer heat in the attic and what kinds of things it is ok to store up there all year long.

I’d like to introduce you to one of the victim’s of the attic tragedy of 2011: my camel.

My grandma has been getting me pieces for a nativity scene for lots of years now.  I always love pulling each piece out of its box.  It is as if I am opening it for the first time when I am reunited with Mary, Josesph, Baby Jesus, Baby Deer, Miriam, Caleb, Jeremiah, and others that may or may not be in the true version of the Christmas story.  This year I pulled out Camel and thought, “something doesn’t look right.”  Perhaps it was the fact the my now very tipsy  camel is quite bow-legged.

What caused this? No one knows. The heat?  Polio?  Arthritis?  Too much to drink??

Before & After pics


Crippled Camel