Gorillas: a whisper documentary

While I was our designated photographer of our safari (and let’s be honest, in life in general) Rachel was our videographer.  She took video of our various safari-ing experiences with my cute little video camera (thanks mom!).  I like seeing video because it gives of a sense of place than pictures can sometimes.

While my next safari post will be telling the full story of our gorilla trekking experience, today I am excited to share with you a video of our gorilla friends.  It is set to wonderfully cheesy music from the Lion King.  And most importantly it includes Rachel whisper-narrating her nature documentary, as any good nature documentary maker does.

I would recommend going full screen for this, and remember that my video camera doesn’t have any zoom, so how far away the gorillas are from us is really how far/close we were.  This is real life, folks.

We tracked the Habinyajna family in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  And let me tell you – there is a reason they call it impenetrable.  The video shows us on nice little paths at the beginning of our hike, but just know that this did not continue for the whole hike.  I frequently found myself tripping on vines and getting my hair caught on thorny branches as we followed our guide.  When we got close to the gorillas, the lead person had a machete and they cut through the jungle to make a path for us.  It truly was walking where no man has gone before (well, except for the 5 people walking ahead of us on the hike….)

Ok, I’ll stop there because I want to save the rest for my next post, which will have awesome pictures and tales of adventure.   Watch my movie!  Do it!  Then you can pretend you were along with us for the tracking.

And then tell me if I am the only person that tries to lean around people in the video to better see the baby gorilla on the mom’s back, only to remember I’m watching a movie and leaning to my left won’t give me a better view of what is happening…

Gorilla Trekking from Laura Karsjens on Vimeo.