Schoolhouse Rock vol. 63: Finding a Man

Today was an exciting day in kindergarten.

Our favorite fake band – Koo Koo Kangaroo came and did a concert for us, AND Jill’s husband brought her kids in to meet our class.  This of course led the children to have many questions about when my children and husband would be coming in to meet them.  This then led to deep sadness when I told them I have neither children nor a husband.

They did however have some helpful advice for me.

Child 1: I think maybe you can just go on eHarmony.  There are lots of people on there.

Child 2: Ok, here is what you do.  First, you need to get real pretty.  Comb your hair, do your nails, put on some make-up, wear a cute dress and your high heels.  Put on a little spray.  Next, you need to go knock on his door.  When he answers, say, “Hi, will you be my husband?”  If he says no, just go to another door.  If he says yes, you can go home and pack up all your stuff and move in.  That is what my mom did!

I promised Child 2 that if he strategies work, she can be my flower girl.

Fingers crossed!!

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