Wildlife Abounds

Well folks, this summer I’m not going on a crazy safari adventure with my sister (although she still managed to do that without me). But Africa has still delivered many exciting encounters with nature.

There are the many giant cockroaches that scurry about. The worst is when I’m stuck in the bathroom with one running towards me. Best case scenario is when you have small children around you who will kill it and dispose of it for you and only require a sticker as payment.

I still wake up to the sounds of roosters, goats, and crazy monkey-birds near the compound, and our van regularly has to dodge long-horned cows that are meandering down the roads.

We saw adorable baby goats while visiting Watoto’s Suubi Children’s Village. And cute little piglets at Amazima. IMG_2730IMG_2723

I went on a boatride on the Nile and sat watching monkeys play in trees, a Monitor lizard sitting on a branch, and then to my horror watched a cobra slither nearby. I mean, we had a small amount of water separating us from sure death-by-snake, and it had no interest in our boat, but still I was definitely ok when we moved on down the river.

Perhaps the most exciting wildlife is the giant rat that lives under the staircase that leads up to my room. One night while I was sleeping soundly in my bed Uncle Hunter and Uncle Godfrey (also known as the compound heros) spend a full hour killing that nasty thing.

So Rachel, when you think about seeing rhinos and giraffes and orphaned elephants wearing plaid jackets, know that I too had awesome animal adventures this summer. That is basically the same, right??







One thought on “Wildlife Abounds

  1. It is totally as cool. Jessica feeding the goat is adorable. Calling that rat giant is a major understatement–holy cow! Terrifying!

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