Love Does: Restore Leadership Academy

If you have read Bob Goff’ Love Does, you are familiar with Restore Leadership Academy. It is an incredible school that is located just outside of Gulu in northern Uganda.

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While we were in Gulu, we had one morning off from scheduled events. My friend Kailey suggested that we get a couple of bodas and just go for a drive out of the city. This sounded like a brilliant idea and I jumped on board. We mentioned our plans to the interns at Krochet Kids and they suggested that we take our bodas to Restore and gave us the phone number of their friend who works out there.

Their friend gave us the go ahead to visit the school, but ended up not being there herself. She said we could look around and that two guys would be there soon and could answer any questions.

Can I just say that this school is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been? It is on some beautiful open land overlooking a gorgeous valley. The buildings themselves are lovely. Kailey mentioned that the profits from Love Does are helping build the school. Several buildings are finished and several others are in-process.

We were able to chat with a student for a bit. He is graduating this fall and hopes to attend University and study political science. He may have invited us to come back for his graduation ceremony. It was so sweet!

Restore believes that the way to change Uganda’s future is to raise up the next generation of leaders for Uganda. I believe that their school is one of the best in the nation. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, the students also go through a discipleship and leadership development program. It was inspiring to talk to the students and hear that they truly believe that they can do anything with their future – be doctors, lawyers, and politicians, making a real influence on Uganda.

As we were checking out some new construction, we saw three mzungu guys walking towards us. We were told to expect two, but eventually figured out that the third guy was actually one of the guys who started the school with Bob Goff and has served as the country director. He totally downplayed his role, telling us that he had been over in Uganda before but currently was just back visiting friends. It was surreal to get a tour and hear about future plans from the head guy himself!

I really want you to watch this video: it is beautiful and will be worth your time.

Rise Uganda – Restore Leadership Academy from Join the Lights on Vimeo.

Also, let’s not forget how epic the boda boda right to and from Restore was. It is 30 minutes out of town on Juba Road – which leads to South Sudan and is SOOOO dusty. It is really quite incredible how filthy we got. Well at least how filthy Meagan and I got. Kailey looks like she just got ready for the day and is sparkly clean. I don’t know how she did it. The ride was so fun and SO beautiful. The views along the way prompted me to say, “God, You did a good job on creating Uganda.”

IMG_2833 IMG_2825 IMG_2818

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