Gulu: 31 Bits & Krochet Kids

Another place we visited is 31 Bit. It is a Christian based company that identifies vulnerable women in the community and gives them the opportunity to have a job making beautiful beaded jewelry as well as making Bible studies available. They bring in the husbands every now and then too so that they can begin building relationships to impact the whole family.

The jewelry they make is seriously incredible. And I met a girl who is from Woodbury! My first Minnesota connection! Loved it 🙂

We heard about their organization and then we also walked around their compound to see the women at work. Below I have some pictures the women rolling beads, and a woman adding another coat of varnish to the beads.

image_1 image_2

The third place we visited is Krochet Kids – the have a similar model to 31 Bits except they make crocheted products instead! I think they also have a mentoring program. (It is kinda hard to keep everything straight if I am being honest, but I’m pretty sure it was them). It was especially exciting to visit because one of the girls on my team is hoping to intern with them next year.

I really enjoyed going out and chatting with the ladies as they were crocheting. They do beautiful work.

That night, Meagan, Kailey, and I went out with some of the current interns. It was fun to meet some new people and hear about their lives in Uganda. One of my favorite parts of the evening is when Meagan confessed to the media intern that she follows him on instagram and had totally recognized him at the restaurant the night before. He then asked to look at my phone case and confessed that he had been looking at it from across the restaurant the night before. Don’t worry – we are all instagram friends now.

The next day there wasn’t any programming scheduled, so the three of us were able to go back out to Krochet Kids and Meagan got a chance to shadow the interns a bit. It was so fun!

image_5 (2)




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