Gulu: Living Hope

On Wednesday we visited a few different organizations that work with vulnerable women in the community.  Their general goals are similar: economic empowerment, trauma counseling, medical care (especially for HIV positive women), discipleship, and job skills.

The first place we visited was Living Hope – it is a ministry of Watoto Church.  Their facilities were beautiful.  The women there have easier access to their HIV medical and other medical care, learn about Jesus, receive counseling and discipleship, and childcare for their kiddos while they are part of the program.  The women can learn different skills that they can take with them when they leave.  A couple of examples include making peanut butter (that is used at the Watoto Children’s Village) and sewing.  The merchandise they make is sold by the Watoto Children’s Choirs when they go on tour.  It is super quality stuff.

We were greeted exuberantly in the Acholi way with high pitched shouting that I can’t really describe with words.  One thing I thought was especially awesome about their program is that when the women graduate from it, they are given tools to continue to earn money with their new-found skills.  For example, if you learn to sew you get a sewing machine to bring home and continue your trade.  image_4