The Post Bus

We got up SUPER early in the morning so that we could leave the compound at 6am to go downtown and catch the Post Bus to Gulu.  The Post Bus is a pretty ghetto coach bus that goes up to Gulu and delivers mail on the way.  I was able to sleep for some of the ride, but it was pretty bumpy and long.  We would stop at various villages along the way and occasionally pick up some new passengers as we dropped off mail.  Each time we stopped, locals would rush to the windows selling various food items, such as skewers of meat, chapatti bananas, water, soda, cassava, and my personal favorite: live chickens.  The highlight of the ride was definitely crossing the Nile.  It is huge and full of rapids – such an incredible view!  The area near the Nile also had monkeys and baboons along the roadside – it was pretty great.

On the way up I sat next to Esther, who read for the whole trip (how she read on the bumpy roads, I will never understand).  I tried and immediately felt sick.  Instead, I listened to a Grisham book on my iPod (Thanks Callee!!). On the way home, I sat next to Tricia, who I met last summer – she has a ministry in the Acholi Quarter that provides trauma counseling, discipleship, financial training, job skills, and helps resettle the Acholi people back to Gulu.  It was awesome to talk with her for the ride back and hear more about her life and her work here in Uganda.

Once we arrived in Gulu, we all took bodas (motorcycle taxis) to our hotel.  We all got our own boda since we were hauling our backpacks and other bags to our hotel.  It was pretty ridiculous – the line of 10 white people driving through town.  We were kinda like a motorcycle gang 🙂