Ty Cariad Children’s Home

Jessica and I spent the day at Ty Cariad – a super nice children’s home nearby. The others on the team told me that we are real spoiled there, and it is so true. We mopped in the morning, the snacked on some pineapple we had packed from home. We also chatted with the mamas while they prepared delicious egg and veggie panini sandwiches for our lunch. Jess didn’t love the veggies in her sandwich, but a friendly chicken happened by and helped her out with that.

We sat under the tree and chatted and ate lunch until the wind picked up. We helped the mamas scramble and get all the clothes off the line in case it started raining. Jess and I spent a couple hours ironing in the afternoon. We sat on the concrete floor and did our best to get their school uniforms looking good. It is super important that your clothes are ironed and your shoes washed when you go to school. We knew that despite our best efforts, and despite the mamas stopping by and telling us our work was so good, that in reality it was subpar to what the mamas can do. And probably took us twice as long.

Can we send the kids to school with notes that say, “Mzungus tried their best on this. Please don’t punish me for looking unkept!”


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