Sanyu and API

Last summer I had a hard time at Sanyu Babies Home. It was hard for my heart to see so many abandoned babies and such a chaotic environment in which I felt so helpless. I felt a little hesitant about going back this summer.

It started out the same: hanging up laundry and sorting clothes.

The toddlers were heading out to the sandbox, so we went out and joined them. There was a lot of craziness (I think I might still have sand in my hair) but the Lord is good, and I felt peace amidst the chaos. I was able to use the time playing with the babies to pray for them and show them love.

In the afternoon we went to API. The street boys ministry meets in a church that consists of a basic wooden frame and some tin for walls and a roof. It is adjacent to one of the slums in Kampala. During the afternoon, the boys have the opportunity to learn life and academic skills, play games together to actually just be kids, and learn from the Bible. They also receive a hot meal before heading back out to the streets. I am so glad that there is a ministry to help these boys, as life has been pretty trauma-filled for them. The ministry also works to reunite them with their family if possible, or connect them with another safe place to live and grow up.

We did some multiplication practice and games with them, as well as played some pretty fun group games. It was delightful to see them run and laugh and just be boys. We also taught a lesson about Daniel and the Lions den, connecting that story to our own lions, or scary things we face in our lives. The boys shared that some of their fears included the local leaders, hunger, being alone in the dark, and snakes. Pray with us for these boys? Pray that the Lord would protect them and provide for them. Pray for the work that API is doing in their lives.



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