Emma: a greeting. Or lack thereof

Most of the kids greeted me quite enthusiastically the first morning I was here. One little guy however was less than enthusiastic. Emma is definitely not a morning person and he wouldn’t look at me, much less say hello. I walked the kids to school that first morning (and then promptly went home and went back to sleep). Emma came with on the walk, but still didn’t acknowledge me at all. That afternoon, when Jessica and I came back from a lunch out with Auntie Sarah and Mama Esther, Brenda and Carol immediately climbed on me and greeted me with much love and enthusiasm. They said, “we saw you at school.” Emma then interjected, “and for me, I did not see you at school.” And I said, “you saw me; you were just tired.” He said, “yes, I was tired.” He then gave me a big hug. Once again we are the best of friends. Love that little man. Maybe we get along well because I am not a morning person either… 🙂