Portland: the food

Sadly we did not have enough meals in Portland to take advantage of all the great food options.  There are so many great restaurants in town, and only three meals a day.  Woe is us.

Here are some of our favorite food stops along the way:

Stumptown Coffee

I realize that coffee technically isn’t food, but Stumptown brews a delicious cup of joe.  The ambiance is pretty stellar also.  We quickly became regulars here.  I was beyond delighted last weekend when I discovered that Spyhouse coffee in Minneapolis brews Stumptown coffee!  I think that Spyhouse and Stumptown must be cousins.

Photo 24Photo 35

Voodoo Doughnuts

This is probably the most tourist-known “restaurant” in town – but honestly the doughnuts really are SO delicious!  We tried several over the course of our stay and were not disappointed.  What has the potential to disappoint you is the line.  Go on a weekday – around 8 am, and you will probably get to walk right up to the counter and order.  At least that is what we did.  It was amazing. Photo 36Photo 38

Cupcake Jones

One afternoon we picked up cupcakes here and went to a nearby coffee shop.  We sat outside, ate amazing cupcakes, sipped our coffee and read our young adult fiction . (Ok, I can’t actually speak to what Rachel read.  But I reread Divergent – one of my favs).  It was a most excellent way to spend part of an afternoon. Photo 11Photo 21

Salt and Straw

This adorable little ice cream shop serves super creative ice cream flavors.  I went with something more typical – snickerdoodle ice cream (which by the way was incredible), but Rachel’s involved something about olive oil.  And surprisingly was quite tasty.

Photo 34

Ken’s Artisan Bakery

One of my goals was to try macaroons.  This is where I made that dream come true.  I also made the (unknown) dream of eating the most delicious sandwich come true.  For those of you from Minneapolis, I likened this bakery/cafe to Patisserie 46.  If that comparison means nothing to you, get in your car and go there right now.

Photo 31

Mo’s Seafood Restaurant

Not technically in Portland, when we were at the coast, one highly recommended stop was Mo’s – everyone (both people and billboards) says their clam chowder is amazing.  We tried it in a sourdough bread bowl.  Yum.

Photo 43

Ok friends, so I promise we did really eat more real meals and did not solely subsist off of bakery food, but those are my top culinary memories of the trip.

My only regret is that we didn’t ever get to eat at a food truck.  But I have a food truck lunch scheduled for Monday, so there is still hope.


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