Portland: the gardens

During our time in Portland, we went to a few different gardens.  Each came with its own, “unique” experiences.

04 27 13_8734_edited-1

Garden #1: Under Attack

After our time at the Saturday Market, we headed to the Chinese Garden.  Mostly because my Portland app highly recommended it, and also because it was within walking distance.  Portland’s Chinese Sister City designed this garden, so apparently it is pretty legit.  I will probably need to go to China so that I can confirm this claim.

It was a lovely garden to walk through- quite peaceful and serene.  At least it was until I was innocently taking pictures of beautiful flowers when out of nowhere an evil blue jay swooped in and pecked me on the head.  No joke.  It hurt.  But despite my numerous checks and rechecks, did not actually draw blood. My sister wishes she’d been making one of her “nature documentaries” because my reaction was so entertaining.

04 27 13_8687_edited-1

04 27 13_8719_edited-1

Watch Out For Blue Jays #worthit

Watch Out For Blue Jays #worthit

Garden #2: Where Are You?

On Sunday we went to the Japanese Garden.  Also made by a sister city.  This one in Japan.  I think that Portland must come from a pretty big family.  (Side note, as I am typing, a giant black bird flew out of a tree above me, and I totally panicked.  Apparently I haven’t recovered from the blue jay incident).  Anyways, I HAVE been to Japan, and went to quite a few gardens there, and in my opinion, this Japanese Garden is spacious, serene, and has many elements of true Japanese Gardens, but doesn’t compare to actual gardens IN Japan.  Which makes sense, seeing that we were in Oregon.  We still really enjoyed it a lot.

The trickiest part of the day was actually finding the garden.  When you go, maybe don’t be like us and choose a day other than Sunday to head up there.  As it turns out (to no one’s surprise) public transportation doesn’t go to nearly as many stops on Sundays as on the other days of the week.  As a result, on a Sunday, you will probably walk for miles and feel confused, dejected, and slightly sad, yet triumphant in the end.  Or at least that is our experience.

04 28 13_8585

Garden #3: The Mighty Ducks

The third garden we visited was the Rhododendron Garden.  It was quite out of the way, but quite lovely.  If I lived in Portland, it is the kind of garden I would grab a friend, a picnic, and a good book, and go enjoy a quiet afternoon amidst the beautiful flowers and winding paths.  The most exciting part of this garden is when we were watching the cute little duck family.  Mama and Papa Duck were taking their cute little ducklings for a swim on the pond.  When in complete surprised to everyone, evil Uncle Duck dive bombed them and a wild fight ensued.  Then in a little bit the fighting stopped and everyone lived happily ever after (or at least that is what we are choosing to assume).

04 28 13_8657_edited-1 04 28 13_8644_edited-104 28 13_8670 04 28 13_8673 04 28 13_8671

I think that the lessons we can take away from these experiences are twofold:

1: Flowers are pretty

2: Maybe Portland shouldn’t put a bird on it


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