Portland: People Watching

Portland has some seriously good people watching.  Some highlights include: people taking their pet parrot out for a walk, a bicyclist with a small wagon in tow that had a giant dog riding in it, and a guy walking down the street while playing his guitar and singing.  (I know we saw a lot of other great things, included just general fashion choices) but it has been a month, so cut me some slack.  I’m getting old and my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Photo 20

Fun Fact: On vacation I found myself waking up at ridiculously early hours.  So each morning I woke up early and planned out an itinerary for us.  This is pretty impressive for me – usually I just find fun things to do and I make let Rachel figure out how to make it all happen.

We started our Saturday at the Saturday Market.  This was super fun.  It a farmers’ market + artisans’ market + food stands + street performers.  It was super fun to walk through and look at some of the more interesting things for sale.  We also bought some fun handmade jewelry from the nicest lady ever.  I wish I remembered her name or her booth’s name because I would tell you to check her out when you are in town.  But alas, I do not.

After wandering through the stalls, we decided to grab some lunch.  I picked gyros, because I had never had one before, but love Mediterranean food.  It was delicious. Photo 9

We sat out in the park, ate our lunch, and people watched for quite a while.  The best part might have been the feeling of the sun shining on us.  Minnesota winter was really really really long.  Kinda the worst.  So experiencing sun was kinda the best.  Photo 10


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