Spring Break #2

Sometimes the school year stretches on forever.

Sometimes you have an influx of really challenging students that makes you want to run away.

Sometimes your assistant is going to Disney World and you don’t want to be alone with the children.

Sometimes you have personal days to use up.

Sometimes you go on Spring Break #2.  

Yes, I realize that second spring break happened over a month ago.  So walk down memory lane with me to hear a bit about me and Rachel’s trip to Portland. Photo 5

I loved Portland.  I don’t have any plans to move there, but it is one of the few places I’ve been where I didn’t just think, “You are nice to visit” but thought, “I could live here.”  I think that is because Portland is kind of like Minneapolis’ cousin.  They have a lot of similarities.  While still being different.  (Thanks for that obvious insight, Laura!)

We left for Portland Friday after work and arrived late Friday night.  As we waited in the taxi line, our first observation was: Taxis in Portland are Priuses.  Of course they are.  Photo 17

We took a taxi to our hotel, and as we got closer to the city, we were greeted by this sign (Imagine that it is all lit up at night.  I liked it.) Photo 3

In a very untypical move for Rachel and I, we didn’t actually have anything planned for our days in Oregon.  I had a couple of blogs and websites with ideas of places to visit and things to do, but nothing actually scheduled for each day.  I guess that is what happens when we do our jobs instead of plan our leisure time.  Sure am glad I’m on summer vacation now!


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