Georgetown in Space

I wasn’t really sure of when I’d finish up blogging about DC.  Kindergarten has been kicking my butt and my brain is generally fried at the end of the day.  But lucky you (well, mostly lucky me) my school actually called a snow day today!  It is a true Christmas miracle.  I stared at that email for a long time in confusion and disbelief.  I tried to go back to sleep, but since I’d already showered and gotten dressed, I couldn’t quite get back to dreamland.  Since then, I have cleaned, vacuumed, set up our new cable technology and activated it, curled my hair, made lunch, caught up on Parks and Rec, and the only thing left is to finish packing for my church’s spring retreat.  But I hate packing.  So I decided a better use of time would be to share more pictures of DC with you!

Day 3 of our vacationing fun was a morning in Georgetown and an afternoon at the Air & Space Museum.

This was probably my favorite day of the trip.  We spent the morning meandering through little shops in Georgetown.  Which by the way is adorable.  Not only did we get to hang out with Claire all day, but we also had the chance to check out our friend Tim’s delicious recommendations.  Following Tim’s advice was the best decision we made all trip.

We started our morning at Bonaparte – an incredible creperie & cafe.  I can’t decide if I have actually ever had crepes before.  But I definitely want more of them in my life!  Rachel and I shared some food, so I was able to experience both the savory ham and cheese crepe as well as the sweet and oh-so-good nutella and banana crepe.  I’m jealous of myself as I write this – I could totally go for some nutella and banana right now! IMG_5057

We also checked out Baked & Wired – a super fun and absolutely incredible cupcake shop.  The slightly ridiculous part is that we hustled back to our car because our parking time was up, but ended up driving back to virtually the same part of Georgetown to the cupcake shop.  And I’m pretty sure our walking was faster than the route we drove.  Tim said that Baked and Wired had the best cupcakes he ever has tasted, and I wouldn’t argue.  We didn’t have time to stay and indulge, so we bought some for the road.  Rachel picked up a carrot cake and a red velvet cupcake.  I selected a lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting and a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting.  We sampled them that evening and then Rachel had the brilliant idea to bring cupcakes to the Nationals game we would be attending the next day.  She is my most genius friend.

The three of us girls spent the afternoon at the Air & Space Museum, with an emphasis on the Space part.  Because really, space is way cooler than air.  Our highlight is when we went back to check out the lunar landing (thing?) and a museum dude was there telling us awesome historical stories about its planning and use.  We loved it so so much.

In summary, this was our most delicious day of the trip.

Oh, and p.s. I almost forgot the most exciting part of our day: we saw our first almost blossomed Cherry Blossoms!  (sadly this spring has been too cold and the trees weren’t actually in bloom when we were there.  we mostly just had to use our imaginations)