Schoolhouse Rock vol. 56

I confess this to you in part shame that it is already February and in part pride that I finally made it happen.

I took my kids to the school library (I’d call it a media center, but it is pretty media-less) for the first time this week.

I know.  I know!

My own mother is an elementary school media specialist.  You’d think she’d have trained me better 😉

Mom, I tried to read Stella Luella’s Runaway Book before we went, but it looks like Stella Luella ran away from me, just like her book ran away from her – I climbed on counters and reached above shelves and looked through all sorts of book bins, but it was nowhere to be found.  Oh the irony.

But… we finally went to the library!!  No longer am I depriving my students of the meager literary offerings in our school media center.  The kids were so excited to be going.  One little boy’s face had the biggest smile of pure joy all the way down the hall.

My favorite moment is when one child opened up the book and pointed to the pocket on the inside, asking, what it was.  I of course responded that “back in the Days of Yore, when I was a little girl and there were no computers we used cards in those pockets to check out books.”

I love that kindergartners don’t question it, they just say, “Ok!” and move on with life.

In efforts to redeem my lame teacher status, I put up this sweet reading tent in my classroom.  Because that is definitely something you should introduce to your class on a week that they are already a little crazy… photo (8)

And finally, in other news, a little girl included this on a note she wrote me in the writing center.  image (3)Upon further investigation, I decided that perhaps it might be trying to say, “I heart butterfingers” but what I definitely initially read was, “I heart butter.”  Which if you know me is hilarious.  Because I hate butter* so so much.  Even more than I hate malted milk balls… which is a lot.

*It is ok to use in cooking, baking, or if it is completely melted.  But on a sandwich?  Gross.  Spread on a muffin?  Puke.  etc. etc.


2 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Rock vol. 56

  1. Laura, Laura, you MUST take your students to the library more often. I volunteered for more than a dozen years in my kids’ school library. And it frustrated me to no end when teachers did not bring their students to the library. It’s just one more place to introduce them to a love of books and reading. Promise me you will change your ways.

    • I will say that it has been a complicated year with library usage. Our media specialist has been assigned to teach a class with 80% of her time. She has just a couple of sporadic hours that she is in the library each week, and with a school of well over a thousand students, finding a time to bring my kids down to learn how to use the media center was challenging at best, and we have had so many meetings before school that I also had difficulty lining up my schedule to learn how to use the computer system to check out books for my own students. So know that I also have been frustrated that we haven’t been down before now. Don’t worry – the trend is broken and now that they know how to find and check out a book, there is no stopping us!

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