Schoolhouse Rock vol. 52

Well friends, we are definitely back from winter break.  I am back from being under the weather.  And the kids are back to saying HILARIOUS things. 

I wish I’d had a notebook to write down all the things they said today.  

We are studying traditions, and this was our discussion of the 4th of July:

“Friends, does anyone know who’s birthday it is on the Fourth of July?”


“Actually it is our country’s birthday.  What country do we live in?”


“When do we celebrate the 4th of July?”


“Um…. July??”

“Which day in July?”

“The third day?”

Skip ahead to the end of the discussion and I of course shared all about my sister’s phobia of fireworks (she doesn’t like the loud noise) and I told them she celebrates the 4th of July by sitting at home and watching fireworks on her TV with the volume turned down.  The kids all thought that was ridiculous and one girl said, “You should get a new sister!” and I said, “Don’t worry, I did.  I got a new sister named Rachel.  She likes fireworks.” and the student with a sigh of relief said, “OH GOOD.”




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