Zebra Crossing

So we are driving around in Kampala one day, and I see a sign for Zebra Crossing.  I am reminded of the many deer and other animal crossing signs we had back home, and for a split second allowed myself to hope that I’d see a zebra crossing the road.  Then I realized my foolishness and understood that zebra crossing was referring to the pedestrian cross walk.

But a month later, on our nature walk at Lake Mburo, we did see zebras crossing. IMG_3246 copy

and zebras eating.

and zebras running.

and zebras walking.

and zebras playing.

and zebras drinking. IMG_3227 copy

(click on any of the pictures below to see them bigger)

After our nature walk, we headed back and showered and packed.  I should probably mention that this was the view from the shower: IMG_3350 copy

If our safari had to end, this was the perfect way to do it.

(well, truthfully, this is the way it really ended.  which is still kind of perfect because these cattle are everywhere in Uganda…)

IMG_3359 copy

Thanks for safari-ing along with me and Rachel!  We’ve loved sharing our Uganda roadtripping adventures with you.

And thanks to Joseph and Rafiki Adventures for taking us on the trip of a lifetime.


3 thoughts on “Zebra Crossing

  1. Thanks for taking us on this wonderful adventure to a place most of us will never go. The zebra photos are outstanding, well worth the wait. I can see why you were so enthralled with these striped horses. They are beautiful, playful, graceful, just so many adjectives.

    What a blessing you were to so many on this adventure, both there and back home.

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