Little Pep Talks

The beginning of 2013 has been a little rough, and not just because winter break ended and I had to go back to work.

I have had a vicious little cold. My kids have been doing a lot of think pair shares so I can make a mad dash to the Kleenex box.

Fortunately, my EA is the best, and she has my back when my fuzzy brain thinks that not having time to make copies is tear-worthy.

Additionally, my cough drops are the best. Their wrappers are covered with little motivational speeches.

My cough drops tell me things like, “give yourself a high five” or… “Your middle name is tough.”

I will let you read more gems for yourself.




sorry kids, you’re gonna have to turn your heads for this one…



One thought on “Little Pep Talks

  1. OK, the husband also has a cold and picked up cough drops just today. Now I will need to run and check for inspirational messages. Is this something new? This reminds me of those conversation candy hearts that are always out at Valentine’s Day. Hope you feel better soon, Laura.

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