Nature Walk at Lake Mburo

We were told that in the morning we would be going on a nature walk.  We weren’t really sure what that meant.  All we knew is that we really really wanted to see zebra.

Turns out what it meant was awesomeness.  Awesomeness at sunrise! IMG_3101 copy

We went out in the grasslands (I have no idea if that is the correct term for the type of land we were on, but it seems closer than swamps, mountainous region, or desert).  Anyways, we went out on foot and walked amongst the animals.  We had a park ranger/guide/animal poop tracker to lead the way.  It was us and a couple from somewhere in Europe maybe?

We got close to lots of animals – warthogs, bushbuck, waterbuck, topi, impala, etc.  We enjoyed our walk, but mostly we just kept thinking, “Where are the zebras????”

Because we had to wait until the end for that, I will also make you wait to see the zebras.

Here are some pictures from the rest of our walk!

What a beautiful morning!

IMG_3103 copy


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